Small Files Equals Fast Loading

   Advocacy Animations are created in Macromedia Flash. Flash is resident in all modern browsers to enable on-line viewing. Simple 20 second animation shorts (w/o audio) fit in a file sizes of about 20K -- about the size of a one page Word document -- making load times negligible -- even to dial-up users. A one-minute short, with audio and color accents, can be composed in file sizes ranging between 150K and 250K -- near-instant loads for broadband users in professional environments.


Animation Distribution Strategies

Flash animations can be converted to a variety of video formats, including broadcast television. But for advocacy missions, Advocacy Animations are ideally suited for the interactive nature of the Internet -- pop-up tiles on existing web sites (the sponsor's site or as paid advertisements on content sites), e-mail attachments and banners, even wireless displays for handhelds. Response buttons can be embedded in animations. [no paragraph break] Advocacy Animations can be tailored, distributed, and tracked to specific audiences with remarkable specificity. In some cases, distribution costs are zero. This compares favorably with ad placement costs of conventional advertising in print, radio, and television media -- that usually comprise the lion's share of marketing budgets. Viral marketing, using Advocacy Animation, is proven to have enormous potential. Turn-key campaigns and marketing programs can be produced in conjunction with strategic partners that Advocacy Animation has established with top professional groups in content development (message strategies, speech materials, op-eds -- including a relationship with the White House Writers Group) and Internet campaigns (code writing, list development, website design, hosting and maintenance).


The Production Speed and Cost-Benefits of Advocacy Animation

   From concept to delivery, an animation can be produced in 24 hours with a focused effort. Text editing or the addition or removal of audio elements, can be accomplished very quickly -- in under one hour. Complicated animations and client approvals naturally require additional time. "Conceptual" animations can be produced in advance -- with text and audio messages added in near real-time -- for rapid response capabilities in campaigns, crisis communications, and special marketing opportunities.
Animation remains a labor-intensive art form. But due to novel production capabilities, the cost of Advocacy Animations is on par with the cost of video production.